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About Us

Company began production of Red Lentil with the brand of Güneş on 1963 by Ömer Asım Yetkin in Gaziantep. Since 1984, serves all kind of pulses with the brands Yetkin and Güneş. The main principle of Yetkin family that began operations on 1963, to provide access of basic foods and consumables with highest possible quality to the consumers. Lentil production, packaging and storaging facilities are on the total land of 11000 square-meter in Gaziantep. The main production is lentil, but depending on the season and customer demands for domestic and foreign markets; chickpeas, beans, green lentils, yellow lentils, corn, wheat, rice, pinto beans, dried chickpea flour, dried wheat flour, dried corn, dried yellow lentil are also produced.

Red Lentil Capacity
80 ton/day
Pulses Capacity
75 ton/day
Dried Flour Capacity
30 ton/day

Yetkin Food, continues to deliver a broader group of consumers with increasing product range and quality, to progress in the sector with right investments.
Our target; to offer more quality and affordable products, provide products to be accessible from any point of sale, to be able to better serve than competitors. It aims to continue the effort uninterrupted to provide finest flavor for you and your children who are the guarantee of our future and to grow further in production and marketing with the philosophy of Total Quality Management by accessing perfect.

Yetkin Food, continues the activities with relations based on trust with including firstly customers and suppliers, stakeholders and outstanding service of employees.